To my world of dreams so far away. In polls it has been voted the UK’s most popular theme song of all time. When the stars are gone. It's a warm and gentle wonderland, Far away. White was born in London, England, and was largely self-taught.

Answered in 21 hours by: 11/15/2006. 4. White Horses (1968) On white horses let me ride away. Show Less. Feeling seven years old again.

My childhood dream was to be a horse when I grew up. Stars away — Where the clouds are made of candyfloss. We'll race to meet the dawn.

Neigh lass! Share this conversation. RUPERT THE BEAR/WHITE HORSES. CheriS, Entertainment Trivia Host. Ask Your Own Entertainment Question. Let me run. As the day is born. To the sun — To a world my heart can understand. Category: Entertainment. Show More. Submitted: 12 years ago. About “The White Horses Theme Tune” The theme song from the 1960s Children’s Television show. This one of the (tesco's)finest. John Sullivan wrote the theme music for Only Fools and Horses when he wrote the first series, but the producers opted instead for an instrumental, saxophone-led tune composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst, who had also arranged the themes for other BBC sit-coms, such as Yes Minister and Last of the Summer Wine. White Horses theme tune by Jackie Lee . I think it was French and dubbed over in English. the song on white horses, snowy white horses - what was it the theme tune for? Two for the price of one here, because of the singer Jackie Lee, who had hits with both theme tunes. Should be a few horse songs today. White Horses was a serial in the early seventies if I remember right, which followed the adventures of a family in the country that kept horses. Sep 23, 2015 - The White Horses TV Series with that sublime theme tune: "On white horses, snowy white horses, let me ride away." Repeated many times in the summer if my memory serves me right. Lovely theme tune to it as well. This jam was posted by 4 people but mark_barber was first It's been a while since I've listened to this. Edward George White (21 August 1910 – 1994) was a British composer of light music, whose compositions including The Runaway Rocking-Horse (1946), Paris Interlude (1952), Puffin' Billy (1952) and the signature tune for The Telegoons (1963), became familiar as radio and television theme tunes. 1. sarahsebright 20 Sep 2015. I think Saturday mornings was the usual time they aired it. Entertainment Expert: CheriS, Entertainment Trivia Host replied 12 years ago.

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