Is is even safe to eat it? SIZE: Averages 1-6 pounds; not uncommon at 12-15 pounds; grows to about 20 pounds. Dark tail and dorsal fin. Similar to tomtate or white grunt. It can also be found along the Gulf of Mexico and along the coasts of south and Central America. Head and body yellow with narrow blue stripes continuing along length of body; stripe under eye with distinctive arch. Rear dorsal fin and caudal fin are darkly colored. 'Grunts'because they "grunt," the grunting sound is produced by their flat teeth plates rubbing together and this is amplified by their air bladders. Identification – The blue-striped grunt looks different from other grunt species due to its color pattern.

It has a yellow grunt body with blue horizontal stripes running across it. Bluestriped Grunt Mounts are available Online from King Sailfish Mounts. Down in florida I think you mean blue line snapper. It can also be found along the Gulf of Mexico and along the coasts of south and Central America.

South Atlantic Federal Regulations (For areas ranging from three to 200 miles off the coasts of NC, SC, GA, and East Florida) Note: Effective April 16, 2012, blue stripe grunt have been removed from the snapper grouper management complex and federal regulations are no longer in effect for this species.See Fishery Bulletin. The Bluestriped Grunt is a subtropical species found around inshore mangroves, seagrass beds, drop-offs, and coral reefs at depths up to 30 m (100 ft). Globally, there are 21 species in the genus Haemulon , and all 21 are found in Mexican waters, 14 in the Atlantic and 7 in the Pacific Ocean.

It can be found on reefs throughout the western Atlantic, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, where it forms schools with members of its species as well as other grunts.

Fotosearch - Une Photothèque Mondiale - Un Site Web TM Most are about 1.5 to … HABITAT: Coral reefs; inshore patches and channels.

But I can't find any information about that kind of fish regarding how to cook it. State regulations may apply: Every reproduction is airbrushed to resemble that species' most vivid and striking color patterns. It was described by the English naturalist George Shaw in … “Blue-striped grunts are an important prey species for larger predators, therefore, the closure of this site was deemed a necessary step in preventing …

KSM individually crafts each finely detailed mounted fish by hand, one-at-a-time. Blue stripes over yellow-gold. Inside of mouth is red.

They are wonderful to eat, very good and tender and you can catch a ot of them. Blue striped grunt, its common name, came about by the practice of making grunting sounds by grinding its pharyngeal teeth.

Shop for blue striped grunt art from the world's greatest living artists. South Atlantic Federal Regulations (For areas ranging from three to 200 miles off the coasts of NC, SC, GA, and East Florida) Note : Effective April 16, 2012, blue stripe grunt have been removed from the snapper grouper management complex and federal regulations are no longer in effect for this species.

Though they usually grow to only about 8-10 inches, there have been ones found that are up to a foot and a half long.

Location – blue-striped grunt fish can be caught from southern Florida right through to the Caribbean and to the West Indies. Depending on your location, you could be in multiple regulation areas. Appearance Also known as a Key West grunt Light bluish-gray body with touches of bronze or yellow, fading to a white belly Horizontal, narrow blue stripes on head, ending at operculum Mouth is … Other articles where Blue-striped grunt is discussed: grunt: …blue-striped, or yellow, grunt (Haemulon sciurus), a striped, blue and yellow Atlantic fish up to 46 cm (18 inches) long; the French grunt (H. flavolineatum), a yellow-striped, silvery blue Atlantic species about 30 cm (12 inches) long; the margate (H. album), a usually pearl gray species of the western… Fast Facts Description Yellow tapered body with blue stripes along entire length. Hello, I've just caught a few Blue-striped grunt fish today down here in Florida.

Fotosearch - Une Photothèque Mondiale - Un Site Web TM They also have blue stripes right below their eyes.

In some areas of the world 'Grunts' are better known as 'Sweetlips' distinguished from other species by their very large rubbery lips. They are a schooling species that travels with the French Grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum , with schools of up to 1,000 Grunts being common. The blue striped grunt or bluestriped grunt, is a subtropical species of grunt native to the western Atlantic Ocean.

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