Smartwool Men's Thin-Stripe short sleeve Merino Wool Base Layer Shirt - Small. Jöttnar launch yak wool baselayer. Sheep Run Hiking Hunting Base Layer Wicking Breathable Henley L/S Merino Wool XL. A onesie for adults, this base layer is stealthy enough to wear almost anywhere. That said, they’re really well made. Like merino wool, yak is a natural product and can claim many benefits when turned into a baselayer including warmth, breathability and anti-odour properties. If you spend vast amounts of time outdoors in extreme cold, Kora base layers are worth the investment. C $84.39 Buy It Now. 100% “Royal” Alpaca Base Layer by Arms Of Andes — 18 micron alpaca wool — $105; 100% Superfine Merino Baselayer Top — 260 g/m 2 — $82; Warmest Wool Base Layer Bottoms. Jöttnar’s latest addition to their technical range of performance clothing, Uller, is a yak wool base layer. C $42.22 Buy It Now.

100% Yak Wool Leggings by Kora — 230 g/m 2 yak wool — $145; 100% Heavyweight Merino Leggings by Woolx — 400 g/m 2 — 18.5 micron wool — $104 The World's Best Baselayers made with Yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau.

Men Merino Wool Base Layer Mid 250 Crew Shirt Medium, Large, Xlarge 2Xlarge. Peak to Plateau is raising funds for Yak Wool Baselayers - Warmer and softer than merino on Kickstarter! Designed for mountaineering, skiing and winter climbing, Jöttnar’s clothing is designed for the harshest conditions the mountains can deliver. SPONSORED . Its fibers are naturally antimicrobial, so they fight the stench that occurs after a few days on the trail, and the fabric is great at regulating temperature, making it usable in multiple environments.It also breathes well and …
Warmer, softer and more breathable than merino wool. Merino wool is the gold standard in base-layer materials. In fact, yak wool is claimed to be 40 per cent warmer and with a 66 per cent greater air permeability than 260g merino wool equivalents. C $49.20 Buy It Now. Their Shola 230 tops and leggings (100% yak wool at 230gsm) cost 2-3 times as much as those from Icebreaker and other natural base layers. Airblaster took the classic union suit and gave it a technical upgrade. IBEX Mens Merino Wool Raglan Crew Neck Pullover Base Layer Shirt XL Black USA.

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