Essential Texts In Chinese Medicine


Essential Texts In Chinese Medicine:
The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow EmperorEssential Texts
In this selection of core texts, I presents a commentary and translation of the key writings for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine from the ancient, definitive set of books on Chinese medicine, the Huangdi Neijing or ‘the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic’.  The long and often impenetrable Huangdi Neijing is here made accessible. I have included on the spirit in needling, resonance with nature, the art of needling, and the  Five Element Body and personality types. Original Chinese text and notes included.
 Here’s a recent poem I wrote when I left China, 1986 – just published on web!

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Sample Text (you can see more on Amazon!):

I have heard it said that, in ancient times,
People’s lives lasted a hundred springs and autumns,
And that they remained active and creative without getting old.
In the present age they reach fifty, half that number,
And they are already old –
What is different about our Age?
What is it the people have lost?
Qibo replied: The people of old, they under­stood the Way,
They modelled themselves on the Yin and Yang
And were at peace with the arts of destiny.
Their eating and drinking were in moderation,
They rose and retired at regular hours,
They neither had wild ideas, nor wearied themselves out.
Thus they were able to keep body and soul together
And so attained the end of their natural span,
One hundred years and then passed away.

Review by Dr. Cheng-Hao Zhou, BM (TCM, China) MRCHM MBAcC, Northern College of Acupuncture, York, UK.

“This book is like warm spring water transmitting profoundness in a very calm, non-invasive way to argue the points. It is a mentor, gently holding students’ hands, and the angle and content are practice orientated. The introduction section alone accelerated my learning by years and the accurate and insightful translation of the key words illuminates some of the crucial background of Chinese thinking”…..