Everyday Qigong Practice

coverEVERYDAY QIGONG PRACTICE (2012) is a summary of the hand-outs and sheets which I give patients, attending my clinic.  There are also simple qi exercises, and self-massage.  A retired local GP in Somerset wrote some very kind words on this work

Dr Phil’s Review
Richard has managed to condense some ancient wisdomFullscreen capture 26102015 180353.bmp into these pages which I found very readable and easy to follow. If these exercises are followed, the Energy of Life will flow and be enhanced contributing to a healthier body and mind. I enjoyed the beautiful Chinese drawings and the poems in the book that help to make it so appealing.  Dr Phil Jackson, GP.
Wendy’s Review
I have always found any form difficult to follow and so for some time I ignored Richard’s invitation to attend his qigong class. However Richard has proven himself to be subtly persuasive and having ‘psyched myself up’, I found myself in his class one January morning. I soon found Richard’s approach gentle and non-regimental and that there is room for fun and lightness of self. My fear and embarrassment dissipated and now I enjoy my practice. I enjoy being at one with myself, whether practicing in the studio or at home. In the 18 months since I first began qigong I have found my confidence and overall well-being improved greatly.
_Wendy, Qigong student
Kit’s Review
I use this small booklet to show people who do not have any experience of Qigong exercise.  It can help them improve their health and well-being.  They are easy to explain and demonstrate (working in people’s homes).

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