The Secret of Everlasting Life

978-1-84819-048-1The Secret of Everlasting Life is the first translation from the Chinese of these second-century verses from the Cantong Qi. This ancient work, the earliest known text on alchemy and immortality, echoes both the secret wisdom of the Tao-Te Ching and I Ching. It is also the ancestral text of all Qi Gong exercises in China. This translation reveals for the first time the ‘meditation’ on an Elixir –  practiced for thousands of years by Taoist sages. Presented here with original commentaries by Yuyan, Zhuxi and especially Master Shangyang, the book is full of practical advice about the process of human transformation. It teaches how to nurture and develop the natural life-energy within each of us. 

“Ahem…  this is my translation of the old alchemical text from China – sometimes called the Triplex Unity, or Akinness of the Three.  It has been reprinted most splendidly in paperback by Singing Dragon.”  Available by contacting me through this site.  £18 including p&p or on Amazon uk

The ‘Three’ are said to be Taoism, the practice of Alchemy and the symbolic markers or ‘tokens’ (fu) of theYijing. “It is the grand-daddy of all qigong texts”.  Here is one of the charts from the book.  It depicts the seasons, the day, the token’s as hexagrams and some of the lines from the book’s verses.  They reflect the dance of Yin and Yang in nature…Wheel For Web
Unfortunately this volume is not available as an ebook from myself, but see Amazon. Ebooks are invaluable for ease of access to new work.  They feed the Taoist’s craving for print and understanding – a small failing.  Since we talk so much about darkness, misunderstanding and the rubbish created by language…beware!  Print can stupify!  (So can speech, but less so). So take it easily, and with humour…

4 thoughts on “The Secret of Everlasting Life”

  1. I am posting a comment by Navena here. Aplogies Navena for not asking first! This way my reply my help others.

    Dear Richard,
    I have your excellent book – The secret of everlasting life.
    Here what I do in my everyday practice:
    1. I sit in a 100% dark room.
    2. I put my index fingers on my eyes; my thumbs on my ears and I breath very deeply.
    3. Suddenly a bright golden disc appears “in front” of my eyes (I know that it is actually inside my head). This golden disc is precise circle with a dark hole in the center. The dark hole opens/closes according to my breath.
    So my question is: Is this the Elixir?
    If yes – what should I do next?
    If not – can you give me a hint what are the gold and the water you discuss in Chapter 31 “The golden Elixir on a knife point”.
    Thank you so much in advance!
    Nevena Stancheva

  2. Dear Nevena

    Hope this helps. This practice can take some time. Try to practice 10-15 mins a day, at the same time if you can. Yes, this is the Elixir….it now just needs refining, so…some say, it takes 100 days, as you will find if you read the book further.

    As to Water and Gold, this is deep stuff: but briefly the Gold/permanent is residing in the Water/Impermanent. Good Luck!


    1. Thank you so much! Really much!
      It is amazing!
      Actually I practice twice per day – in the morning and in the evening for about 1 hour (I never get the exact astronomical time).
      Please, Please help me – advice me what to do with the Elixir when it appear. I am just watching this golden disc like hypnotized person, my heart goes boom-boom and it vanishes very quickly.
      Should I try to swallow this golden disc the next time it appears?
      Dear Richard, please explain me the gold/permanent and water/impermanent.
      I read the gospel of Philip – so my conclusions are: from our impermanent bodies we can give birth to permanent (imperishable) bodies made entirely of bio-photons (bio-plasma, light) stuff. Few people understand the idea (the logical connection) that from the fleshy body can rise a Spiritual being. It looks like a small person with his hands stretched, right?
      Thank you so much for writing this book, so much in deed!
      I am so happy to have the chance to read it!:)
      So if I understood right – This Elixir will develop? How many times I need to produce it in order to be fully mature?
      Thank you so much again for you help!
      It is enormous help for me because I have no teacher…
      See you in Penglai, right?

  3. Dear Richard,
    Sorry for the second post, but I have another important question:
    1. Where should I put (lead) this Elixir? I read that females put it in heart region (sternum) and males – in the lower dian-tian (lower abdomen) for developing the spiritual embryo.
    2. Next both (males & females) are considered “mothers” for the spiritual embryo and nourish it till the embryo is ready to live without the support of the physical body. “The cicada leaves the cocoon.”
    Is this right or wrong?
    Thank you so much!

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