Three Taoist Tracts, Three Taoist Traces

ttttttdoneThree Ancient Chinese Scriptures which teach us about our place in the universe, They give us the opportunity to transform and better our lives. So in a quasi-magical way – to bring peace to all.

This small book contains the Yinfu Jing (The Matching Shadow), the Four-Hundred Word Elixial Essay by Zhang Boduan and the ancient Entering the Medical Mirror.

These are three ancient scriptures which teach about our place in the universe, the opportunity to transform and better our lives.  All in a quasi-magical way – so as to bring peace to the whole world.

  • The Matching Shadow
  • Entering the Medical Mirror
  • The Four-Hundred Word Elixial Essay

with commentary and introduction by myself.


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Excerpt from The Matching Shadow
The universe plunders all things
All things plunder Man
Man plunders all things;
These plunderings once clear
Their talents are all at peace.
So it is that the universe plunders all things;  
as it brings about their destruction.  
So it is that all things plunder Man;  
he must naturally perish and die.  
But Man can also ‘plunder’ all things - 
because he has his hand upon the catch! 
    Understand this and all are at peace.

So it is said:  Feed on the moment!
Every joint of the body modelled
Your hand upon the Catch
All transformations are at peace.
Feed on the moment. Wake up! 
Who notices this, flourishes! 
Model every movement of the body upon Heaven. 
Just be natural. 
Your hand upon the catch, 
Your finger upon the trigger - 
all transformations may be at peace.
All people know the spiritual as the spiritual
They do not know the non-spiritual as spiritual
The non-spiritual refers to every-day life.  
Yet what is not-spiritual is also spiritual.  
How is this so? Because it is natural.