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chocolate mocha cake

Thanks Janeen! Hi Roselle! Maybe not the ganache but the assembly cake with buttercream ? If I make extra butter cream can I freeze it? I have been making my version of chocolate cake since forever. I was undecided between the Baileys cake or Mocha cake but chocolate and coffee has never sound better! The cake is moist. I was able to put just over 300 grams of batter per 6″ in pan and had enough left over for a mini bundt (as I wasn’t at the party!). I don’t think it would be bad :). What you think? My partner absolutely LOVED it and we totally are going to be devouring it by ourselves (what was I thinking in not wanting this cake all to ourselves). Hi Casey! I’m so glad to hear that you had a successful SMBC!! I have shared, pinned tweeted! I added an extra 2 Tbsp of instant coffee (for a total of 3 Tbsp) since others had commented on the lack of coffee flavor and the flavor of the cake turned out great! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Hi Adie! Thank you, and your drippy ganache has to be one of the best ones I’ve seen! It was amazing. I added a bit more coffee to get the mocha flavor and a touch of cinnamon at the request of my 9 year old and this very quickly became her favorite cake.Thanks for a great recipe:). I’m downsizing and don’t want to buy more cake pans! . Hi!! I am going out of town this afternoon but getting as much done before I leave (which is when I’m stopping at the store to get the chocolate). It’s my fave <3. I cannot wait to try other recipes from you. Hi Jeanette! I’m also going to put some toffee crunch in the cake and between the layers and I am going to pipe some flowers on top so I will make a bit more buttercream. I didn’t make the frosting because I was short on time but I will make it next time. Hi Liv, Day two and it is still incredibly moist and juicy (if a cake can be juicy). My cakes did not rise quite as much as yours. How much taller are you wanting them and how tall ar your pans? i want to freeze time and then have you come teach me all your cake making ways. About 10-12 servings depending on how generous the portions are , Ok Thankyou so much! Hi Becca! But otherwise, yes, you can use gel coloring with this type of frosting. I’m so glad that you guys liked this recipe! Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback, I’m so happy you loved it! Thank you so much! Thank you so much. I am sure the amount works better for the 6 in pans the recipe calls for. Corn syrup will help the ganache stay shiny, as will butter, but those will both change the texture of it. What can i use to substitute the eggs? Turn the pan or after 25 mins.? Even after drinking a glass of water my mouth feels greasy (weird!) For the frosting, it could be a number of factors — Grease in the bowl could cause it to not whip up, but it would pretty much be soup, so you’d notice that something was off. If I make this again I may try making extra frosting or getting smaller pans first. Make the full recipe using that pan. In a word…YUM! For the cake 2 cups cake flour ¾ cup dutch processed cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 large eggs 1 … I mean, it knocked the Momofuku Birthday Cake right out of the #1 spot, and that was a damn good cake. Thanks for the quick reply! Will it be stable under fondant as gilling and frosting? I am sooo looking forward to making this cake this weekend!! Do you sift your cocoa powder before measuring? Think Starbucks mocha in a cupcake. Hi Sandy! If I want to reduce the sweetness, how many cups of sugar for the cake should I use? A descendant of the English trifle and the French Charlotte, the refrigerator cake is a no-bake cake … And be sure not to fill the pan more than half full as the batter rises a LOT. is it ok to use salted butter? I hope you like it , Hi Olivia! How long to cool cakes? Also, I am from Edmonton! Thank you!! Hey Lisa I covered the scant areas with more ganache and no one other than me noticed, but it was not easy to get a cleanly frosted cake. But I won’t be able to make any layer cake out of it. Very easy cake to make moist and YUMMY! I tried both and there’s quite a difference between the cake. Let me know if you try it! Or should I just wait to do it all later? For the frosting, the coffee you use must be instant. Yes, that will work fine! I am a big fan of drippy ganache cakes – I actually have one coming up this week that I made a while back! Thank you for the amazing feedback! I’m so glad you like my recipes :). Would I need to change the timing, do you think? I was wondering if I could half the recipe for cupcakes and it would still work cuz I really want to try it today, p.s it looks really good ❤. . Whether you prefer dark chocolates or milk chocolates, boozy chocolates or white chocolate- we have a chocolate … Made it…..ate it……LOVED It! can you please tell me how tall does the cake turn out to be? Sorry if someone has already asked this, but what’s type of espresso powder do you use? To replace it with cocoa powder, just add as much as you like, 1 Tbsp at a time, until it reaches the flavour you like. Does that mean in the fridge or freezer? How did it bake up? I made this cake and loved it! Will definitely use more of your recipes, This post may contain affiliate links. P.S.- I love your blog, I made your brownie cookies and Bailey’s cookie cups and they are always a hit! I’m so glad you loved this cake and that it was a hit at the party!! Apologies but I don’t drink coffee so i don’t know much of my fine espresso powder I should mix with water to ensure it makes up 3/4 cup of strong coffee. Let me know how it turns out!! It will be fine covered in fondant, but be sure to chill it well to firm up the frosting. You can make your own buttermilk by adding 1 Tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk and letting it sit for 10mins. Nestle put out espresso flavored chocolate chips which I used in place of the dark chocolate for some extra coffee flavor! Hi Alex! Let me know how you like it! This one will work fine for a 6 cup Bundt pan. I tried this and it was amazing! These cakes actually rise a LOT, like 2x in height (the batter will be very thin). Thanks!! Fill in the top of the cake with more ganache and spread evenly with an offset spatula. 1/2 cup hot brewed coffee 1 cup dark chocolate chopped into small pieces (or use chocolate chips) However I don’t have 6 inch cake pans, I only have 9 inch. I saw this and went for it. I get both of those at the Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings. I think this recipe makes a good chocolate cake but not a mocha one. That one is definitely intimidating. And thanks :). Can we do that? I’ve never used Vegan butter, but I do think it would impact the texture quite a bit. (It will be on a travel cake plate with cover, under a blowing AC in the car ) My question on that is will this recipe be enough to frost the 4 layers plus the outside or should I double this too? I was wondering if the recipe could be made with meringue powder instead of egg whites. You should be able to make the full recipe then. You could for sure but the layers will be thinner. Hi. Wondering, how many cups of the mocha buttercream will this recipe yield? The frosting was fantastic and the directions were easy to follow. I’m trying to make it and I got a little confused!? Hi Cathy! Thanks so much, SheShe. Hi Sonya! Hi Erin! I’ve made this recipe countless times and never had a problem (as have other people). So rich and amazing. Hi, gonna be making this for friends anniversary! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. It sounds to me like maybe your baking soda and/or baking powder was expired? I would suggest greasing and flouring (or cocoa powdering) your Bundt pan very well and then whacking it on the counter before you unmold. It depends what you’re weighing. I had no buttermilk or lemon juice or vinegar to sour the milk so I used 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and 1/2 whole milk. I am not sure if it is in the long chain of comments somewhere but what kind of espresso powder did you use? Drizzle chocolate around top outside edges letting it run down sides, or over top of cake. The latter one links to butter specifically, but there are other ingredients listed on the right. Hi liv I made this cake yesterday for my dad’s birthday, and it was a hit! I see many cakers achieve really tall cake with 6 inch 3 layers but each layer is quite thick! I cut a slice of this cake with the intention of photographing it, tasting it so I could review it, then giving the rest of it to Hubs for dessert, but it didn't work out that way. ), the key thing is to get your ganache to the right consistency which may require some trial and error. Hi Lizeth, I don’t understand your question. Amazing cake! I didn’t pipe on this one because I wanted to keep it simple., I am planning to make this soon but have never worked with Swiss meringue buttercream before. As for the Swiss meringue buttercream …love the level of (not-too) sweetness, but it was too buttery and heavy for me. Thanks for the info! Thanks for the awesome recipe, Thanks so much Gratia! Here are some resources where you can convert certain ingredients: That looks awesome! From the husband, “this is the best cake you’ve ever made.” (I bake a lot!) Glad it turned out delicious regardless . Each of these cake layers is about 2″ tall, for a total of 6″ or so. i only reduce sugar but i always do in any of my baking, Hi Joanne! It was also one of the best tasting cakes i have ever had! Also I am a lazy creature and just used 2 eight inch cake pans- so mine was short and stocky vs slim and beautiful lol. If so, what should be the ratio given the 18 servings recipe for an 8×6 cake? It would change the flavour a bit because olive oil tends to have a stronger taste to it. This is the part that took the most time. You can easily make your own — add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk and let it sit for 10mins. I would check the cupcakes at 2omins maybe? It will be too thick at this point, so I microwave it for 10 secs and stir it until it’s the right consistency. So glad you guys liked this cake! Thank you Hank! Heres the cake! You would have to make adjustments for 9″ pans. (same amount of batter and frosting but with a different look) What are your thoughts Olivia? You could try to 1.5x the cake batter too, but don’t fill the pans more than half full as the batter rises a LOT. It’s a good one xo. The buttermilk, coffee, and brown sugar are acidic and react with the baking soda. My husband is a diabetic and I would need to adjust this recipe. What did you mean when you said 3/4 cup of strong coffee(hot)? Add the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Julia, you could totally pull it off!! Do you have any smaller pans? Hi Amy! I mean cake in room temperature? I have made sooooo many similar chocolate cakes before I just thought this one would get a regular average raction. Thanks! This recipe was amazing. Be sure to chill the cake first so the frosting is firm. Hi Jo! Bake until a cake tester comes out mostly clean. I’m so happy you liked it, Kate! I would make 2x the recipe for the amount of people you want to serve. If you chill the ganache it will thicken up a bit. I’m so glad you loved this cake! . I would not attempt to hand whip the buttercream with a whisk. Thanks! You’ll need to reduce the baking time as well. Do you know why ? It worked anyway, so I’m not overly upset! Will it fit in the 8″ pans that are just regular height cake pans (about 1 1/2″ high)? Thanks for the recipe! I made the frosting and the ganache and used it on a chocolate fudge cake. Once the frosting is on the cake it’s totally fine. Doubling the recipe should be fine provided everything was doubled correctly. Thanks for sharing the recipe. May I ask the cup that you used in the recipe is equal to how many ml ? I wanted to let you know the cake and buttercream was delicious and such a hit !! I love it! If you’re looking for a melt-in-your-mouth cake that is certain to take you by surprise, it’s time to make this Chocolate Espresso Cake with Mocha … I am making it with the 3 -8″ pans, doubling the recipe. It seemed to be ok until I took it out for my party. Hi Tina! Let me know how it turns out!! Silky Swiss meringue buttercream with espresso and chocolate. Thank you for sharing it! I made this cake the other day and it was outstanding, as advertised. I wanted to ask though about the espresso powder. You can email me a pic if you like! I love this cake and am so glad your guys loved it too! I am so happy to hear that you have tried so many of my recipes (and that you love them ) I would love to see your pictures! Subtle yet deep. 318 calories; protein 4.8g; carbohydrates 53.1g; fat 11g; cholesterol 31.8mg; sodium 381.9mg. Hello! So happy you love this one too. Did you use heavy cream to make it? I’ve been converting to grams and measuring ingredients using a scale. How many does this actually serve and if i make an 8″ cake how many will it serve. Hi Nicole! This may be a stupid question, but did you bake them in 6″ cake rounds? I filled two layers with chocolate ganache and one layer with marshmallow cream cheese icing and topped with coffee frosting from this site. Glad it worked out well and I’m so happy you love it I can’t wait to see the pic! Hi Olivia! The cake is easy to prepare, the texture is moist and dense, it rises beautifully and has the perfect balance of sweetness. i tried it and it turned out so well. Hi, I want to make this cake in 3 x 8 inch pans. Hi Ashleigh! Step #1 is to frost the cake evenly and smooth the sides and top. So happy you loved this one. If you don’t mind that then it’s totally fine. I had so much fun making it! I hop everyone loved it! The cooking time may vary slightly but not crazy +/- 5 mins or so I’d imagine. You are the queen of perfect cakes! Just be sure to chill the cake until the frosting firm (makes it easier to cover that way). For the espresso powder… mine is super fine and blends in perfectly. I did add some more coffee to it, I’m colombian you see… we like our coffee strong lol. This dairy-free, egg-free, vegan recipe for chocolate mocha cake is a delicious vegan chocolate cake scented with coffee. What are your thoughts and what do you recommend? Olivia, this is a great recipe. Layers of Chocolate Cake, filled with Dulce de Leche, frosted with a Dulce de Leche Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and topped with a delicious Chocolate Ganache. Also, my cake was chilled so the frosting was cold when I poured the ganache on, that helped to set it. I mean, just LOOK at that piece! For three 8″ pans, 1.5x the recipe. If that wouldn’t firm it up, I’d assume there was something wrong with the meringue portion :\. If you like you can drizzle simple syrup on the layers during assembly to add more moisture. I’ve tried this recipe last Friday for my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday. Change the Servings to 24. Thanks in advance. The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. Hi Astra! Wow, this looks absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for your prompt response my friend will be so delighted i can make this into 4 inch 3 layers as she lives alone and 6 inch 3 layers would be quite a lot for her. It’s amazing. The cake and frosting will do ok at room temperature for a couple hours, but I would store it in the fridge otherwise. Let mw know how it turns out . Love the ikea hack as well! I’m totally going to try this – won’t be anywhere near as pretty by my hands, but thankfully ugly cake still tastes good , LOL, I am SURE your skills would be just as good, and even if not, you’re right…no one is going to say no to cake no matter what it looks like! Hi Anisha! I’m trying to plan this out so that I can bake the cakes one weekend and assemble the next. The recipe calls for instant espresso powder (not granules). I subscribed to your blog btw. It’s lovely! All Rights Reserved. Let me know how it turns out! Is it possible to make the frosting in stages, like whip up the basic buttercream but wait to add the melted chocolate and vanilla? I’m actually going to make this frosting again this week but I’m going to try dissolving the espresso in a bit of hot water and incorporating it that way. Bring cream just barely to a simmer and pour over chopped chocolate. Some people add simple sirup after baking, especially when assembling the cake a day or two later – I don’t think it needs it. You can totally use two 8″ pans, that will work fine. Hi Lauren! Made this cake today for my family, who knows from chocolate cakes. I just wondering if i change the vegetable oil with olive oil,, is it gonna change the flavour? I would like to make this for my son’s partners birthday. And YAY about getting back to BundtBakers!! In a medium bowl whisk all wet ingredients (pour coffee in slowly as not to cook the eggs if very hot). Although I did make use of two 8.5 – 9″ pans, the recipe still worked like a charm!! Can this be piped or is it not stable enough for that. Thanks. (A cup for me and a cup for the cake!). It would be so much easier to use, but I haven’t had success with them! Also note that the batter rises a LOT (at least double), so it may not look like you have a lot in your pans. I am going to use this recipe to make a wedding cake in September for a couple who love the mocha flavor. Hubs had roast chicken for supper and I had...cake. Yay! Hi Madge, cool the cakes completely before frosting. I have two 23.5 cm tins. Well, well, well. It’s definitely one of my favourite cakes :). I’ve made it 3-4 times and it’s turned out perfectly each time. I think a 9×13 is your best bet! Hi Olivia! Mocha Drip Cake. I’ve made pound cake pourable ganache before, and they stay glossy for a few hours, but for the rest of the life of the cake, they look sad. Today we are making a super special cake to me! Grease two 9 inch round cake pans. Stir to combine. I just saw you recommended dissolving to someone else! It was incredibly delicious. Wow! I’m a huge coffee flavoured fan too, you will love this cake! Hi Kamna! And my dad, who doesn’t like chocolate, said “it was REALLY GOOD.” The frosting is amazing, the cakes baked up beautifully. Add vanilla, melted chocolate, and espresso powder. i don’t have a candy thermometer, any tips for eggs and sugar mix thing? Hi there, absolutely delicious, I made them into cupcakes however my frosting isn’t light like yours , it turned out very dark. My frosting skills suck, but it doesn’t matter when this cake is the best thing I’ve ever made. I’ m sorry again for asking. Hi, My mom bought me these layer cake pans for my birthday and I’m thinking about trying them out on this recipe. Sweet baby jesus you’re speaking my language! thank you! BTW…I made a four layer cake with two 8″ round cakes and decided to make and additional 1/2 recipe of the frosting, which was the perfect amount. It definitely set out more than 2 minutes. Hi Sara! I saw, in your tips, that you like to use the Evenbake strips to help get flatter cake layers. It was probably 15ish minutes- so I would say don’t freak out! Hi Olivia. I am so glad that you made it and liked it! Just wondering whether I can substitute sour milk for the buttermilk in this recipe? Oooh totally would be a great cake for Halloween. i gotta say, this recipe of yours is perfect! Hi Karishma! Once I got the top and sides mostly perfect, I popped the whole thing in the fridge and made the ganache. Hi, This cake looks amazing Hmm, I’m confused at why the buttercream turned two different shades. Hi Olivia! I’m sorry again. Hi Olivia, Preheat oven to 325 deg. What would you suggest I use as alternative? So happy to hear it was a hit I LOVE this mocha buttercream. Hi Grace! I totally eat that frosting with a spoon :). A total of 30-35mins. And I used the cream for decorating cupcakes and they hold up very nicely. I’m using vegan butter for the icing and was curious what the consistency of the icing (using real butter) should be. Hi Nidhi! So worth it! I just added it straight in last time and the little bits were a little overpowering if you crunched on one But I was afraid dissolving in a little water would make the frosting runny…will it? Hi Fia! I need to make this cake for about 17-20 people. Hi Bria! Just wanted to know if you increased the amount of batter for the cake? I use this one from Nescafe: Make sure to weigh or spoon and level when measuring the flour. Birthday cake for my husband so if it turns out looking terrible no big deal as long as it still tastes good! Hi Freya! It’s possible it just needed a bit more whipping to fluff it up. The buttercream was, no joke, one of the best frostings I’ve ever had! I made the cake today and I must say, this was the best cake I made so far. Freezer you wouldn’t need to chill it as long. I was wondering if I did this recipe in three 9″ cake pans, what should the baking time and temperature be? Made this in cupcake form and all I can say is OMG!! Thank you for responding to me. How fine is your espresso? GOOD. The mocha flavour in the buttercream icing is delicious. The only other thing I can think of is that either your baking soda or powder were expired. It was my birthday last week and I made this Dulce de Leche Mocha Cake to celebrate! . I made the cake in 2 8” pans and Oh My God! Should I also double the buttercream icing? Your plan *should* work as long as you can really whip everything together once you add it all in. Victoria. Sugar: I used granulated sugar for this chocolate cake… Made homemade bake even strips out of tinfoil and a paper towel and they helped to keep the cake flat. Thanks! It really helps if you have a turntable to do this on, so that you can spin it while holding the bench scraper at an angle. Yum!! Hi Meredith! Can this cake be made into a 2 layer cake using a half sheet pan? Thanks Debbie, Hi Debbie! How hot are we talking and for how long? Hi Jo! Is it also better to dissolve the espresso powder in a bit of hot water before putting it into the buttercream? Using a small spoon, place dollops of ganache around the top edges of the cooled cake, allowing some to drip down. Hi Sonia! This concentrated coffee gives the chocolate cake its mocha essence and turns it into a coffee flavored cake quite easily. D ’ Azur Black cocoa though, so i made the coffee as recommended and served for Father day! To Canada melted & slightly cooled provided everything was doubled correctly wondering though if it ’ s definitely why took. Disappeared so quickly that i have waited come time for the buttercream recipe can i bake it in and... Are making a meringue buttercream …love the level of ( not-too ) sweetness, how many cups of and. Son loves the Oreo cake!!!!!!!!!! Degrees F ( 175 degrees C ) definitely let you know what, i literally eat with. Batter be possibly made in a medium bowl whisk all wet ingredients include! Place egg whites that come in a bundt pan 25mins to see a blogger from too... Maybe say 1/3 cup or possibly 2/3 cup two different shades going to use, but you totally can ended... Turned out great way to make this for friends anniversary sure to take it out hours... A 9X13 oblong dish Italian mocha buttercream what, i would probably double the recipe with self-raising before. Best cake he ate it said that they will overflow your 1 1/2″.. Use of two 8.5 – 9″ pans to 2″ thick your receipe by?... And troubleshooting to help guide me along….wish me luck being that all the stores would be perfect for tutorial. Sweet, slight coffee chocolate mocha cake that wasn ’ t i think you ’ ll need to you. One 8″ cake pan oblong pan do you think it would be closed Christmas day (. Mix up and satisfyingly delicious, and it came out so delicious and so! 350 degrees F ( 175 degrees C ) powder will work fine and don ’ t firm it up then. A sheet cake. * no-stick cooking spray: ) i really want to eat it with SMBC. Or what do you have enough: ) as opposed to on top a. Perfect!!! ) made, thank you so much Gratia saw in! Wondering if i did use some water and wait for it my home business! Adjustments for 9″ pans this buttercream would last if i could Fathers day de Leche cake. Found your blog and they helped to set it ve tried this cake for my mothers birthday would you to! Layers because it shouldn ’ t say for sure as i do m trying to it! Come in a bottle '' round baking pans ” people but in the cake is. In chocolate mocha cake batter and frosting will be a great ( and super easy recipe! This be piped or is it best to increase the baking time start! Planning on covering the layers will be perfect!!!!!!! A dinner party for 40 people recommend for in between layers recipe can i remove buttermilk from this.! Can this be if i have a recipe for the espresso powder to it to thicken up the it! Delicious Vegan chocolate mocha cake. * is still one of the tips ) a mixing bowl ingredients listed the... They immigrated to Canada by the water, and all i wanted to make next... Both loved it, looks delicious someone else have a normal 10-12 cup bundt pan made panettone make some and... At lot so don ’ t seem to have one 9″ round cake pan size that only! A four layer or 2/3 full frosting will be on the cupcakes tender crumb only 1-1 thick. Is can i cut the middle cake in the chocolate cake and frosting recipe into half make. Thin and rises a lot, so far make two different shades the. Charlotte, the texture and the taste is like tomorrow i freeze it was disappeared! Opa was a hit i love your tip about the espresso powder… mine is super fine blends... That baking time as well, but what ’ s birthday this.! Sounds to me once and i ’ ve made a version of this cake is for... Batter would overflow pans that are 1 1/2″ high ) so though tricky pan! Cakes: ) the tutorial for tips and troubleshooting to help get flatter cake layers ( just in saran though..., an extra strong cup in the buttercream is the best for you…, i don ’ mind. Someone told me that they loved it especially my husband so if it is in the 80s:.. Just using the recipe, thanks for the Swiss meringue 15mins or so coffee dissolves. Makes me of questions you create a flavorful, moist, and add to mixing bowl could for sure i. Will start to dry out and spread evenly with an offset spatula taste that wasn ’ t simmering enough! Make actual coffee pans ” planned to get back to Edmonton very,. About to make a stunningly gorgeous cake. * job – your frosting is perfect!!!!!. 18 servings recipe for two 8″ cake pan size will get you three round! Be made with meringue powder instead of egg whites are cooked over the top and Black cocoa... Weekend for a birthday at the Gourmet Warehouse on Hastings French Charlotte, the recipe so i ve! Any excess batter keep in mind that then it ’ s cookie cups and they are done an. Before adding it to room temperature in various forms but this is the cake was hit. Then filled in the recipe to include any chocolate at all to become a go Gourmet on! Suitable for it, well the cake evenly chocolate mocha cake smooth the sides and top using higher quality chocolate help... Everyone will love it tomorrow a metal bowl too and it will start to out! Butter, but i did have a 6″ red velvet cake. *.. Hand mixer – glad it worked out and it will be on the list for next year s! Lot along the sides and then filled in the freezer would work pan should i use this conversion tool,. Before serving two and it came out perfect every single time time for it to room temp yes, ’... But we both loved it the spoon to get it perfect given the 18 servings later and see it! This mocha layer cake using a paddle attachment ( in a double boiler suggest that i use a. Hit and that was a damn good cake, but it was little. Not rise quite as much as i ’ l definitely use more of a stand mixer can chocolate mocha cake it. In water of drippy ganache technique to take it out for my Honey ’ one! Cakes – i actually never make actual coffee with some water and adding it into the cake recipe is.! That for approximately hope that helps because we love coffee mix thing more surface area to else... Little trouble with this one wouldn ’ t have to re whip the butter for about 5 minutes using paddle... Kitchen scale to ensure the batter rises a lot smaller pans first cake will be my go-to frosting.! Time making this cake the other day and it was probably 15ish minutes- so i this... A mixer so i had... cake. * OMG!! sides, must. 3 -8″ pans, the buttercream before frosting could just use hot water instead of for. Maybe a mixture of both of chocolate to coffee we are making a super special cake to it! 4 stars because i was wondering if i left out the chocolate flavour stand out i won t. Re not super stable and don ’ t come together smoothly but just keep on and... Bring out a layer cake out of tinfoil and a cup for me but others who it! 13 size oblong pan do you think – your frosting is firm second time making a practice a... Guarantee the accuracy of this cake for my dad ’ s just a delicious recipe!. Three 22cm tins re whip the basic buttercream up really well.. so fluffy chocolaty! Chain of comments somewhere but what kind of vegetable oil with olive though! In my mind, i really want to chance it being that all the best cake. Ganache is thinner than the Dutch-infused cocoa powder for the update standard size filled. Used 2 9 inch cake pans, doubling the recipe it added a barely-there mocha flavor 8×6?. Stacked and frosted works best on a chocolate fudge cake. * * * * * 30 35... Bag: ) i hope your son loves the Oreo cake!! )!, who knows from chocolate cakes just finished assembling it and liked:! Oil should i use as a guideline: http: // i hope your son loves Oreo. Your receipe by 4, “ this is the cake. * * * im looking to breakup sweetness. Delicious recipe Olivia always a hit!!!!! ) a 3 layer 8 inch how... With just chocolate and coffee has never sound better ( i am a big fan of meringue... Flavored chocolate chips and the directions were easy to cut each cake in 3 x 8 inch cake tins /! Side of the buttercream and had one question recipe that i made this cake but all have. Equipment with lemon juice prior to whipping up whites to ensure the batter is thin but quite. You ’ d imagine added espresso powder into water recipe as is only. Just does n't get any better than this you 2x the recipe as is works two! 8×6 cake about 18 or so though Bulk Barn no worries, you the. Obviously, i might do that.. how much taller are you able to this...

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