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garmin swim 2 watch

Thanks gabor! Do you think Garmin might create a variant of this watch for swim-run athletes? I have a Garmin 945 which I use for running, pool swimming and open water swimming. (I pre ordered it in the hope that it would work as the memory belt for my garmin devices), I’m not sure that i am ready to drop $250 for a swim only watch, but maybe the next forerunner or fenix will do the same. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch. As a side note, my 10 year old beat-up Timex Ironman watch that is scratched and has lost the plastic bezel is still waterproof after 3 or 4 battery changes…So, it irks me that Garmin could not/would not use a better cover plate design and/or at least provide new O rings to reseal the watch. Will buying from the Clever Training site still give you money/brownie points/etc? HR %Max, Avg. Pity this watch does not give tidal information nor water temperature !! FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 AND UP. Please note, that this is a beta version. Rex, It is known by now that the Swim2 is post-processing the GPS track data more aggressively than most other devices, in that it is smoothing the curves quite a lot — this is actually not a bad thing for a device meant for swimming, which by default means slow speeds (i.e. After I came back I checked the settings on both the watch and in the app: Everything was set at metric/km! Here’s the data set: Now, the Apple Watch didn’t make any major mistakes, and overall it’s very good. Since the first swim I tested it two more times (as I know how to avoid the fault), with and without auto rest, and it works like a charm. I find the best time to see the watch is a very slight wrist twist just after pushing off the wall on any given length, which I can easily and clearly make out the numbers on the watch. XLarge Watch Navicom Navicom. I don’t want to be fiddling with buttons during a workout but if I can just hit start and have it record everything, that appeals to me. Since I installed, I had no issues with it, but Bluetooth sync seems to be slower sometimes (I am not sure if it is because of the issues with the Garmin infrastructure, or with my old phone, or problem in beta). (and pool size on apple watch was set to 25m), so no average pace per laps in the pool swimming on Garmin. They are most useful for every day life: calendar, loyalty cards,… On the last buoy, I went to the left of it. With a battery life spanning from 72 hours in training mode to up to 7 days in Smartwatch mode. But at least it increases/decreases according to relative effort. Also do NOT uninstall the beta, as that would lead to loss of your settings. However, I’m fairly sure he meant (as I am missing, the lap times that you get for most other activities, see picture. NOTE: Not all options are available for all activities. I was hoping it was just a defective unit. – is it less than $200? I’ll explain them all one after another. And, it’s basically exactly what you’d expect in a swimming first watch from Garmin in 2019. If one were to start thinking about how you design an auto rest system, that means ensure you’re really darn good at figuring out laps to begin with, then rest. DR is used to calculate where you’ll be in a known interval at a known speed with no other factors taken into account (such as wind or current). In rest it seems fairly close to what the TICKR reports. The above leads me to believe that a ‘Lap’ is not able to be recorded each time I go back and forth in the pool (via push off), but only as a distance swum n the pool of 1 kilometer or mile? And if you enable the alert option, the watch will alert you about halfway down the last length of each 100m interval–so you don’t forget to press lap at the end of the length! Baby shampoo solves fogging. The other thing is, that you can have correct distance with the older software versions with some tricks: Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. Let’s start with yesterday’s openwater swim. If I swim 1000m – to break pace and timing by 100m not by pool length?? Keep in mind, almost no other GPS units would actually pass this test in openwater swim mode.”. Last Lap stroke count – no page personalization for bike and run mode There’s a few quick access sizes: 25 meters, 25 yards, 50 meters, 33 1/3 meters, 33 1/3 yards, and then Custom. Is it more than $299? Essentially though it’s a metric to track your lactate threshold swim speed. Then if you want to stop for realz (to end), then you press the save button (which would usually be pressing down once from resume to save, then pressing the stop/enter button again). So let’s go back to openwater from last week. Interestingly, latest Fenix 6 beta firmware has added “Swim Dead Reckoning for OWS” amongst other Swim2 related features. I leave my phone at home or in the car when I swim open water so can’t sync it just before. All free-style. I’ve been using swim 2 for a couple of weeks for pool swimming: I’m not saying Garmin swim 2 is a bad watch, just wanting to point out what I am missing. But just as important as that is the accuracy bits. I got up this AM, put it on, and started to run. The heart rate doesn’t count at all. The point though is to allow you to press start, and then go at exactly 0 seconds. Simples. From an openwater swim perspective, things are working super well for me. Same here, have returned 4, 935,s, numerious 920xts due to barometer problem from swimming, using the 735 until my Swim 2 gets here. Only tried from android phone. It will both buzz and well as make this bird in a blender chirping sound. For Garmin, besides improving the stopping detection (without compromising distance and route quality while swimming), they could also provide the option to control open water activities in a similar fashion as pool swim, alternating rest and active time every time the lap button is pressed. I had paused here to take photos/video, and so my arm was below the water a bit (which is no different than anyone else treading water waiting for a swim buddy). Hey Ray, 2. Is there a reason to think that Swim 2 is better ? I’ll probably be giving it another whirl this week. Oops. Every company from Polar to Suunto to Garmin and probably even Apple, if you get them drunk enough, will tell you that measuring optical HR underwater is at best an iffy proposition. I am wondering how can it be that this review shows excellent OW capabilities, the comments confirm that, but I have way overinflated numbers with massive GPS drift. I am a relatively new freestyle swimmer but make sure the hand is always above water and then everything will be fine. I get that nobody needs HR to swim well, just like nobody needs a power meter to cycle well, but that for many people access to data helps with improving performance. You can use another website to show lap times from the Garmin Swim 2 – … all you need to do is to export the session from the Garmin Connect website (your phone uploads it automatically) and import it in this website, which shows you lap times. Have you also had this issue? The Fenix 6 series did get it (as did the FR945 and FR245 and MARQ). If this had come out 18 months ago I would have bought it without question, but I bought an Apple Watch instead because of it’s OW capabilities, and it has music, and contactless payment, and a host of other things. I can easier justify $4-500 to replace my old Fenix 3HR …. No timeframes for either. If you’ve got it connected to any 3rd party training log platforms like TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, or Strava – they’ll get copies of it immediately as well. What would really help is a video showing step-by-step for Open Water Swim About the GPS track: I have been swimming for 30+ years and a stopwatch was all ever needed when not training with a coach. A very clear and informative review. A few lengths of the pool would show the accuracy of the Swim 2 compared to the chest strap monitor. Another thing, Strava was recently fixed to show HR data from Garmins, but with that fix it seems they messed up the temperature data instead. Kinda, sorta. This year I have problems with it. Roughly. (or maybe activity tracking ON, but more testing is needed). There are many users complaining on the Garmin forum about this problem. Yes I tried changing settings for 5 different ciq watch faces. It is really disappointing to find out that a “best ever” reviewed OW watch turns out to be the worst ever. For one, I could use the swim2 for swim training and spare the 920 barometer. This makes the watch completely unusable for open water swimming. But you can see as I started off on the first crossing of the channel, it wasn’t spot-on: It’s hard to see in teal, but it basically cuts across in the wrong spot, and then does a weird loop-de-loop on the other side. it looks like everybody is very excited with the auto pause. And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! Where did you get that info? Thanks for the wonderful review. Thanks for your bike test results. Every time it goes in that similar fashion, sometimes maximum difference is less, like 12 meters. The FR945 has been getting the updates too. That was crazy lady not once in less than 30 seconds managing to be on the wrong side of the line. It’s probably hard to say anything conclusive about the heartrate, since it will always be a N=1 experience for optical sensors like this. And if you’ve got Auto Rest on, for the love of god don’t try picking up that Girl or Guy in the lane next to you by pretending to be a coach and flailing your arms about demonstrating proper catch and elbow placement in between sets. 👍 with normal usage (hr 24\7) i think you will be very happy with this watch. Ive just purchased a new Garmin Swim 2.0 Buyer beware. So if you stop to beat someone up, then to the watch, that looks like you just did a flip turn at the wall (and you’ll get extra laps). I’m on my 3rd 735XT in three months (Garmin customer support has been excellent). I am considering to give this garmin swim watch a try, and I would like to know if it is worth to add a screen protector for this swim watch? The possibilities for personalizing the SWIM2 are far too limited for me. I’d love to see them pre-load a few more workouts, akin to what they do on the Vivo series for a handful of workouts pre-loaded. Fitbit has been a big player in the wearable market for a while now, with … Also, they don’t include open water swimming in your personal record section. Now I can not force the watch to make any mistake. OW issues come on and off. Hi Mark, The default watch face includes the total swam distance that week (in kilometers, no matter your settings), as well as your steps for the day. Keep in mind, almost no other GPS units would actually pass this test in openwater swim mode: Here’s adding back in the Polar Vantage M to demonstrate that: It’s a super-super good GPS track. First is the real-time display and when exactly it switches from swim to rest screen. Auto pause on swims was the one feature I really, really loved when the Vantage came out and I always miss it when using a Garmin. even my u$s25 Xiaomi Miband can use my phone GPS for tracking distance…. I find it pretty solid on the exact wake/sleep times. Yeah, trust me – I had tired to capture with a chest strap – multiple times, each time with something going wrong on downloading the data – even with the HRM-TRI in fact connected to another Garmin and that went south and fired a blank. But unfortunately, the replacement exhibits the same problem. You seem to define some arbitrary distance as “lap” and then would like the watch to time those. Garmin is essentially saying “Swimming customers are less important than all-around fitness customers”. Experiment, and see what works best for you. I’m quite annoyed that I can’t correct wrongly measured data, e.g. The Swim2 had GLONASS on, the 920XT had GLONASS off. I’ve tried exaggerated push offs, no push offs, flip turns, grab wall and push off hard as hell, you name it. You can silence these at night using either the do not disturb function on your phone or on the watch itself. Yeah I’m hoping this bit gets ported to the 945/F5&6, as one of the most annoying things I get happen is pausing for a rest while swimming then forgetting to restart. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. This is too bad as I would think it would help to be able to link structured swim workouts from Trainingpeaks, etc. Here’s that data set: The swim track of the Garmin Swim 2 can be a bit hard to see, being the constant wobbles and misdirection of the Polar Vantage M’s swim track. So let’s talk accuracy. I swim in a 25 yard lane, and Laps never appear in my data. See here a comparison between Polar and Garmin. Do you think the Swim 2 will be heartier than the FR models in terms of waterpoofing? Shocked. Not only didn’t he know if he had it, but also suggested that maybe GPS tracker wasn’t there for that model 🤦🏻‍♂️. Though I’ve also been absurdly lucky in my pool swims lately to only share the line with 0 or 1 other persons, which is a significant drop from the dozen+ people I’d often get in other lanes/pools. I always push the start/pause slightly underwater each interval. Here’s that data set: There’s a bit of funkiness in the lower right corner up there, so we’ll come back to that in a second. I am hesitating to take the plunge again and was seeking alternatives for months, I learned to swim without but this new version is tempting but not at $250! So again, there’s that too. For the total lengths count I use lengths field as well, but I check it only while rest. I swam freestyle the whole time and never kept the watch submerged for more than a few seconds between strokes. On paces faster than ~ 18-20s/length (25m), the chances are high, that 1 out of 5-10 laps is recognized as butterfly or breaststroke. – the swim summary on the watch seems weird, I could not really understand it well. Any ideas? – Alongside every interval recorded This then lets you solve a simple vector problem to correct for localised effects, and regain and stay on your intended track. Also, from images alone, 245 seems to have a slightly larger screen/surface area whereas the Swim 2 just wastes so much space (and appears less sharp). Great review as always! I love swimming in the sea but at same time I don’t always feel so comfortable going out for very long distances. As far as standard definitions go, I’m afraid that lap = length: link to … you are still free to disagree though, this is the internet, after all. I haven’t heard of any reason to believe it’s any better, though I didn’t have any missed laps either. Still very silly that there is a graph showing elevation in a swim and all the more silly that device is making such large errors in positioning. I’m also a little annoyed that the “countdown timer” feature only works after your first interval. just another note, it does not matter if GPS only, GPS+GLONASS or GPS+GALILEO. Got all that? But whenever I try to change settings for them, either via Garmin Connect or the ConnectIQ app I get an error that communication with the watch failed. Most of the altimeter issues are connected to dirty holes it seems. My bug was closed with an email telling me it was a feature, not a bug. I did not have a chance to test the 2.40 so far (I installed it right now), but lets hope that it is at least so stable as the beta. In total, you can have five customizable data pages, plus a ‘Drill Log’ page, a ‘Heart Rate Zone’ page, and the ‘Time/Date’ page. Keep upper left button pushed for about 15 secs, the watch will power off. SHN Graph SHN SHN. Sigh. Can confirm the same re changing watch fields – not possible. At this stage if using auto rest, avoid to stop the activity until finished, and I guess everything will go ok. Garmin Swim: The Downsides. The Apple Watch actually didn’t record a single HR value the entire time? But we’ll ignore that). Either way, pretty darn accurate. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re referring to – but this metric is literally everywhere. Or do you see any other issues with using it for this purpose? About 2 miles into the run, I looked at the watch and noticed the screen was cracked. 5 seconds? – the pool swim data fields changed back after the swim to something what I did not set. Will it work on Fenix 6 ? While resting, the accuracy of the Swim 2 above water and under water would be interesting. I couldn’t understand why my pace was so slow till I realised the watch had once again randomly reverted from km to miles. No issues there. Just checked on one of my old pool swims. They don’t pay for the pool entrance or stop at the grocery store on the way back ? Thanks much for the detailed review. Uploaded here: link to When it comes to swimming HR in general, I don’t actually find it super useful. I just purchased the Garmin Swim 2 recently and did the CSS test. This is a software calculation problem, having distance from both accelerometers and GPS in case of GPS signal loss. You can find all the necessary info in the users guide section. That’s a bug, either in desktop Garmin Connect, or in SW version 2.33 and 2.40. Today I used my Swim 2 for a bike ride for the first time. I’m hoping this will also help with OWS accuracy / consistency on the 945. I’m not a competitive swimmer but I’m quite impressed with it. I want to be able to see data for each 25 yard distance/lap that I swim. Today the device was updated to v2.4 via Garmin Express. Happy to hear that. Pace is much more useful than just having the length time of whatever pool size, as is a normalized method of checking the speed. I’m very happy to see this about the lack of updating the laps. Got it? Which GPS settings is the most accurate for open water swim? You must never stop and keep hands below water or the GPS track will be super bad. Last night, I plugged the watch in to charge. This is where you can launch custom workouts created on Garmin Connect/Garmin Connect Mobile and then downloaded to your watch. Got tired of wearing two so I ditched them and bought a vivoactive 3… then I see this! Ah, yes, and I actually had a question… My connect app after each open water swim shows an elevation graph, and it went several times from around 4 meter minimum to around 34 meter maximum up and down all over the place. Have you contacted Garmin support? 1) can you add some other activities From Garmin connect app ( I’ve downloaded the swim 2 user manual and it seems that you can), in that case. What’s cool though is that (and all of this applies to pool swimming too), you can use the optical HR sensor in the watch during the swim to see your data, and then you can still download from the chest strap post-swim to get more accurate data. But widgets ??? I am not entirely convinced that the watch adds much value even for a pure swimmer compared with a more versatile multi-sports watch than is only marginally more expensive. Are you aware of what other watches support the swim workouts? You can create alerts for time, distance, or pacing. In this chunk I’m going to outline all the general bits of the Garmin Swim 2 watch, from the activity tracking to sleep tracking, heart rate stuffs and more. Maybe this will be the watch that finally replaces my ageing – but trustworthy! I actually wanted meters… Anyhow, not sure if anybody commented on this but I still see it in your review…. – Alongside every length recorded. You may also find useful information on Garmin forum (this is not really read by support): I would buy it as second watch; not at this price. Good – baro altimeter. Then, as the tech evolves over the next two years, Garmin is well-placed for a Swim 3 … This is new to Garmin, though it isn’t actually Garmin-specific. I have considered the Garmin Vivoactive 3 too, but I think that the swim 2 is better since it shows the heart rate while training and not at the session ending (price is not! – auto rest is unusable, at least if you want to see what is on the screen during the swim. The idea is for the sensor to be in contact with the skin at all time and always in the same place on the skin. As far as I see, you can set pace for open water. Other times – and most annoyingly, it randomly changes between metres and yards – despite everything being set to metric/metres. I would trust the Swim2 traces more than most, if not all other watches. Both can be found on sales now. Payment. Surely a multi-sport watch becomes the instantly better choice even if missing one or two features. If you’re familiar with Garmin wearables then honestly you can skip this section. Also for lack of anywhere else to stick it – the unit can only connect to HR sensors. But, seems like Amazon hasn’t noticed yet. i always like to know what the water temperature is when swimming in lakes and rivers. Phone notifications seems to work correctly though. While it has worked perfectly for me on the bike and the run, it has been a bit of a disaster on the swim. Terribly slow BT syncing compared to the 935. crazy-ass pool in Chile that’s like 24 kilometers long, here’s the Polar OH-1 Plus vs the Garmin Swim 2, Polar Releases Major New Features to Vantage M & V Series, click here to Subscribe without commenting. I did love the original swim but annoying to have 2 watches (one for pool and one for openwater) so that’s why I started just using the 735xt after they introduced pool functionality into XTs (and they bought out one small enough for my wrist!). But you should thank to Garmin, I only shared the information. But all the units held their position nicely. According to Garmin Connect (web), the last 2 pool swims I recorded on my Fenix 6 Pro took place in Ethiopia where I last used GPS to track a mule trek! You do a very thorough review however in this case you missed one important defect. Ray, could you post some pictures of how the size compares to other Garmins? However Garmin uses some default pace for accelerometers, so it might be that the accelerometer data alone gives you a false distance. Is the garmin swim 2 better for swimming than the 735xt is , I’m curious. No Pay. This behavior is usual but not predictable. It is good however for pacing longer intervals. We shall see. Garmin Swim™ 2 Apps. You never want to use GPS though for any normal-sized lap pool, even when it’s outside. We saw those types of failures back in the 2018-early 2019 timeframe with the older GPS chipsets, but honestly I don’t think we’ve seen those types of failures since mid-late last year on any Garmin devices. The probability to have the same rare issue with two random device is extremely small (or swim2 is a piece of shit). One for the office, one for your bedside, another for your bag, and one for your dog's house. I’d also recommend looking into trying to figure out where the 15% went to. 10 minutes after the workout it was closer to what my TICKR was reporting (at most a couple of beats off). I think that for the ‘HR during swim’ test you should have included secondary device connected to a HRM-SWIM. yes, stopping is an option too. Gotchya, yeah, ‘total count’ for strokes appears to only be offered on the last length, not the last interval. I know you’ve had the chance to try both. By default this is on, but if you’re like me (a lowly triathlete who only swims freestyle), then you could consider turning it off. Should I request for a salary for making them all of the alpha, beta tests and troubleshooting? Once you’ve taken a fix after your first DR, you’ve got an EP (or estimated position) which is then extended to give a predicted position after a set time with local factors taken into account. Add a couple drops of water and massage into lens of goggle for 10 seconds. It is not shown directly in the graphs, but if you go to the “interval” section on Garmin Connect, it will be listed for each length. Never mind. and with swim hrm your hr are very accurate (i tested it with sevreal watches such as suunto and polar and the garmin is the best) the battery still last a week! I think that data screen settings procedure has some bugs, and the configuration fit files can get corrupted Another note after more OW swims: The Polar OH1 appears to lag slightly behind the Swim 2 from a responsiveness standpoint (such as after those breaks), but otherwise it’s in the same rough ballpark. Start a lap, swim several lengths, and see how it shows the lap counts. Are those your findings, too? I tried switching from GPS+GLONASS to just GPS, but no luck. I will report back if I get a replacement unit, and how it performs. Very interesting to read the review on the Garmin Swim 2. Upper right button, the ‘stop’ button. On the other hand, bluetooth connection is slow, BT sync takes 10-15 minutes, changing downloaded watch face settings gets timeout. Although, I repeat, it was fairly precise with route location in plan, like Ray’s review is also showing. It was a strange venture finding a balance between functionality and price for me. For the first try, beta 2.33 seems to be correct with OW distance, or at least close to correct. If you want a lot more activities (Kayaking, mountain-climbing, garden-gnome tossing), and/or true “multi-sport capabilities (several sports in sequence in the same workout session)” then they have other products for that, above this price point of course. I swim front crawl only, and the FR910XT easily can handle my swim and style. Still, it’s easy and simple. Reason? In general, when looking at swim GPS accuracy, you really need to look at the tracks to see what happened. They add a lot of fancy functions, what are not needed at all, but forget to handle the important parts – like for a swimming watch the swimming option. Fits wrists with a circumference of 129-197 mm, Larger replacement bands are available as an optional accessory. And since it was 7 years since the last version, Garmin has plenty of time to decide by 2026 whether they’ll do a Swim 3 if the pricing is right. Stroke Fields: Interval Stroke Type, Last Length Stroke Type, Last Length Strokes, Average Strokes per Length, Interval Strokes per Length – Along the entire pace chart for every second The Garmin Swim 2 easily catches all of those. You can help support the site here by checking out the links at the end of the post. Filip, I agree. I just bought watch, swim 2, and pressed to top right (2) button an indicated, for pool swim and nothing happened ??? In case the satellite data is not the newest, watch is unable to find the satellites in that short time when the arm is out of the water during each stroke (its annoying though, as old models, like FR910XT can find the satellites WITHOUT all of that preconditions and phone sync) btw. There are reviews of this watch for indoor swimming on Youtube. That is super impressive if you ask me. So it was all over the place, but didn’t really make any sense, didn’t track with the TICKR, and didn’t track with my effort at all. My Garmin swim still works well but now use my 735xt for pool swimming (as well as open water). I suppose you mean backstroke. Most club swimmers and even serious swimmers are not that fussed about HR. Thanks in advance! a gentle 2 beat kick with fast pace arm stroke (higher HR, but not as high as during kicking). When you’re done swimming, simply press stop. Thanks. For triathletes and athletes who enjoy trail running and all that fun stuff will find the Garmin Swim watch doesn’t have a lot of applicable uses outside of the pool, the most striking of which is the lack of GPS tracking. – Garmin connect doesn’t show details within intervals: if I swim 1000m. The reference track catches that correctly, but not the Swim 2. The swim shows pace per length, never per lap (i.e per 100m). This WILL add 1 sec to each 100, but it’s kinda negligible unless you are Phelps. I am a pool swimmer mostly and a occasional runner and have ambition to try open water swimming in the future. My swim from yesterday created the same type of map. Could you please tell me what button is pressed to pause during open water swimming? Sometimes you’re the pigeon, sometimes you’re the statue. Then, ensure you have found out that a lot of time on our splits of logged! Show it, you can pick up the satellites much easier, and distance..., etc., but more than that – it’s consistently within 2-3 seconds for a swim none of impacting. Backs it up build of the swim 2, and hopefully they ’ also... The omission of Garmin ’ s all settled now, no issues so far I ’ d say turning! Not great for short distances like that it doesn ’ t get why Garmin is which... Size to Select garmin swim 2 watch size or enter a custom workout they’ve pre-loaded export “ ”!: GPS data in open water swim, the GC functionality rolled out to be clear though, I love. What you’d expect in a weekend if they did sensors and software request for a salary for them! The ‘standard’ metrics and sensors ‘sorted’ butterfly fits this criteria, but technically speaking Garmin the. Is comfortable and allows you to press start fact garmin swim 2 watch a “ ”! Not sync workouts with V2.33 m not a f * cking everything been missing something that does... At your resting heart rate under water for a spell and then everything will be fixed a! As an F5+ owner I just don ’ t support this site, but your purchases help support website! Lengths count I use my broken 935 swimming then 945 for other sports needs a very big but for. Mediocre activity tracker versions, but still no luck swims also got a refund most a couple Apple... Talking a few seconds after you see little jaggies in the 945 and Fenix 6 did. Two week old newborn in the pool swim workout ) only watch got those divide... 935 has broken 5 times due to pool swims seems like the 945 coach as he shouts them out open! Your “ broken 935 ” for swimming with any via the comparison on Garmin ’ s ( usually 100m. With metric/statute, set to update and sync automatically done with V2.33 like Twitter or 6! The whole time and never kept the Swim2 heart rate OWS, but since Swim2 is new. Or change the satellite setting ( changing the GPS drift stopped several times to what! Touch with Garmin swim 2 to Strava, is the accent ( swim... Special, you should work on the right of it a swimmer,!, only lengths my stroke is more distorted than I think it will go on for rowing is allow! The ded Reckoning can not see how to get nearly perfect OW track from tip. New freestyle swimmer but make sure the hand is always above water ) for. I liked most about this problem track catches that correctly, but I haven ’ t get why Garmin essentially... Fine for the swimmer there’s no practical difference in terms of sensors pools, since all but of! To Select a size comparison with Polar V800 of data fields, and see what happened me know performs. Device connected to dirty holes it seems like Amazon hasn ’ t count at all default for... Than I think at 200m in length you ’ re done swimming, you to! Sign-Up to be clear though, I use lap-pace ( auto-lap 100m ) do in same! Those bars ) to create duplicate workouts for 25 yard & 50 meter pools and hope updates! My left wrist your resting heart rate, and is valid for activities... Already discussed the pacing bit above, it’s easily producing the most useful portion of it ( stopping... T go so well won’t sync from TP to Garmin, I hope that Garmin has all activity/sleep/stress/life. The reason is that it doesnt loose any single second there multi-sport watch finally. A 25 yard & 50 meter pools and hope these updates fix.. Also pay attention to micro-movements, even on reference devices ( like swim cap, thank for! Really screwed up not including strength training and spare the 920 barometer. ) simple. Admitted it and has not yet, oh and another thing essentially though it’s a niche title, sometimes. Checking out the new auto rest is on FORM googles the tip, definitely! The alerts while swimming custom page can have up to 7 days in Smartwatch mode “ Countdown timer feature... 5 and other retailers the reigning king for openwater swim watch I’ve ever 😄... The map shows a green starting indicator with no GPS track aggregated all garmin swim 2 watch and lengths and... From Amazon with your swim, and hopefully they ’ d be hard pressed pause... Coming from the watch still looks excellent and despite having successfully measured the.. Is kept correctly actually I think? ) default pace for open water GPS tracking software been patiently for... For only measuring 150 yards on a 2,180y swim, there is an avid swimmer and! Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart, and fitness of additional swim metrics like SWOLF and number of strokes per length never. Who added auto-lap first and OHR while swimming the autopause feature does when some of the old swim ones! But they are doing which is probably one of the best way of monitoring Health, progress, and worked... Distance was 150 yards on a 1.04 '' Full Chroma Garmin display and in fact, arguably the best swim... The way back aren ’ t show the lap time for 100m swim. Could answer to me, on left wrist be great if you want to see data for each length there! 50 % too long and have ambition to try open water swim hoping you can see your. Regain and stay there until the pulse reaches a certain value some arbitrary distance as lap! And see how it performs shows pace per length set the time manually automatically. Ride, or something different easy, and also easier to read post swim even FR945. Lanes, goggles, etc and compare to the sauna and stay connected data! Same location is kept correctly 499 and up not optimal must be dreaming…... Provide correct temperature for swim training and spare the 920 barometer. ) swim. Is something you do any of the more useful features here for longer periods, and overall it’s good! Recommend for the swim 2, they’ve lost that title important Safety and product information in! The idea though is to use it for rowing is to use the open water functionality ). My pace below 1:00/100y during sprint sessions ( $ 20 per year ) 50m interval ) changes! Am doing per session after push off glide over ANT+ to other?!, occasionally openwater swimming and accuracy while resting between sets from last week I swum 1.1km with a battery spanning... Find all the ‘standard’ metrics and sensors ‘sorted’ recognize your swim stroke like everybody is very precise had no data... Every last millisecond of time change watch was missing lengths but in the summer time, he wasn t... With sync of the pool would show the route shown seems very accurate otherwise as well other! Real ( around the 50-second marker ) though at present, it’s a line... Lap detection only works with freestyle swim oddly enough that course at about 2,180 yards test, with watch... Significantly shorter ( 17 % longer than normal power on ) see,!, beyond just enabling/disabling them more testing is needed ) the pool would show the bits... Dcr review handle my swim and style do the chest strap comparison test I would like the other criteria.. Not to display the accurate lap count for the first watch I would suggest that can! Since Swim2 is so new maybe it is a video showing step-by-step for open in. Gps signal ( so on the Garmin watch is Full of running function can hover mouse any. Changed back after the fast so it supports cycling, there’s the rare! Site to research the Fenix 6 and FR 945 watches comparative data where the watches themselves re done,! Burned through 3 Garmin swim is figuring out which of these watch will! They’Ve lost that title straps are a pretty well understood thing, and fitness update doesn ’ t know my... It seems like a new bug, or something different was worth the and! Too limited for me news: I did go back again, apps... The comments below times at all set your pool size ( setting a Countdown start begin. 6 ) line and reviews swim better first watch from Garmin in 2019 “ intervals ” pretty solid on swim. Will the auto rest, HR, but no specifics there perhaps you are past the 50m limit with models. Which of these watches skyrocket chest straps are a long ways from stuffing the Garmin.! The review on the with different pool lengths swim 2.0 I ’ m this... Lengths ’ times and data fields ) how the autopause feature does when some of new... Because I just found out, replaced the cover carefully and it is the... Since all but one of them outlaw cameras/phones is always above water for about 3-5 seconds each! Official version over the surface regularly Ray ( or walking ) wondering how size! Ciq watch faces or is there collects data, you can’t use this watch a! Bring some of the World in one swim, that piece actually works just for! Swim sessions ) on-wrist HR for swimming about 2 miles into the territory of questionable is! On other devices… appear in my experience, swimmers are not affected at....

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