Different to the Crowd

Welcome!  This is my first post for over a year, I have been getting the site in some order.  But wait!  What is this Laozi says?

is there a difference between yes and no?
can you separate right and wrong?
must I fear what others fear, how ridiculous!
they fluster, never getting anything done

everybody is wildly happy
as if going up to the great sacrificial feast of the ox!
as if they were climbing the terraces at the spring festival!
but I alone am apprehensive and not with them
like a new-born babe not yet learnt to smile
I am uncommitted, with no place to go,
the crowd all has more than enough
whilst I alone am left out
I have the heart of a simpleton
my mind goes blank!
they are so bright and clever
whilst I alone am unsure
they are so certain
whilst I alone am depressed

my mood as dark as the ocean
unsettled, as if I have no home
they all have some aim in mind,
whilst I alone feel stupid and awkward
I alone am different to other people,
I am suckled by the Mother

The ‘mother’ being the mothering principle of the Tao.  Maybe I should have left it all alone.  The crux of Taoist cultivation is the unexpected and almost spontaneous arrival of new ideas, and life. Have a good day!

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