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I have created a new facebook page for my latest book of translations.  It is titled Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine.  This publication arose out of The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor, a booklet I created for the Masters course in classics at the new defunct College of Traditional Acupuncture, Warwick around 2007.  Singing Dragon have been extremely astute in creating this work, replete with the Chinese Text, tables, diagrams, a lengthy introduction and Review questions to each chapter.  Also, after discussion with Jessica Kingsley I was encouraged to included some further texts on the use of the spirit in needling, and the subtle forces at work during practicing this art…

Your hand action should be smooth,
The work of the needle positively sparkling…
Your spirit calm, the mind at ease –
You observe it, and the transformation happens.
These are indeed ‘the minutest of changes’,
And they are difficult to describe,
You see it like a dark flock of crows…
Seen falling through the sky!
You follow and watch their flight
But cannot think how they do it.
It is like just when picking up a cross-bow
You stand by to slip the catch…

Such elegance of expression, the ‘murmuration’ of the qi (this is from Chapter VIII The Practice of Needling)

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