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Welcome to my new site.  I am in process of tidying up and rearranging the furniture, as it were; so bear with me.  On the front page you will see three pictures of …studying the wonders, of nature, in the heart….  In Taoism, we begin in the natural world – and end in the human.  The well-known opening lines of the Yinfu Jing (the Matching Shadow  ), an old Chinese tract state:


Observe the ways of nature, and grasp their circuit in the Sky – this is all.ttttttdone

And then go on to say:


Time present, time past and time future, all rest in your hand – their transformations born from your own body.

Thus in the Chinese world we are masters and mistresses of our own destiny.  The body is a ‘matching shadow’. It all starts in acknowledging our own physical fragility…

More to follow on this.  Or you can read about it in the ebook of my translation.


2 thoughts on “New Site, Old Truth”

  1. 觀天之道,執天之行,盡矣.
    “Observe the ways of nature, and grasp their circuit in the Sky – this is all.”
    I liked your translation of this so very much!!!
    I wonder how you translated: 动其机,万化安
    If you could send me your translation of 陰符經 I would be very grateful!!!
    You can see my attempt on translating it at:
    (It is at the end of the booklet).
    All the best,

  2. Dear Hirsh, just found your reply. Apologies, having along sabbatical (right word?!)from a site this summer..will reply soon. On first look your work looks superb.


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